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brain waves

Research Facilities

The University of Ottawa Sleep Research Laboratory is a four bedroom research facility complete with a driving simulator. Our facility is capable of high density EEG, overnight polysomnography (PSG), portable PSG, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), electrical brain stimulation and combined EEG-fMRI techniques.

Our 32-channel PSG systems enable quantitative analysis of scalp-recorded brain activity to investigate the functional significance of sleep. These state-of-the-art units also provide the ability to perform complete PSG measurements, the same used in hospitals and sleep clinics used to identify sleep disorders and disrupted sleep. Portable sleep systems enable us to bring these same capabilities to populations where in-home and in-hospital recordings are more appropriate.


We also employ brain stimulation such as 128-CH high-density transcranial direct / alternating current stimulation (TDCS/TACS) and multimodal brain imaging techniques such as combined EEG-fNIRS.


Our MRI-compatible high-density system records 64-channel EEG for daytime use and sleep recordings. An MR-compatible unit enables us to bring EEG recordings into the PET/MRI scanner for combined EEG-fMRI sleep recordings.

Partners & Support

Funding from both Provincial and National Canadian agencies support our research. We have affiliations with Institute for Mental Health Research (IMHR) at The Royal and with the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute. We work closely with industrial partners and have collaborators across Canada and around the world.

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