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uOttawa Sleep Research Laboratory

Our goal


Our goal is to decode the physiological signals of the brain that support memory, cognition, behaviour and mental health across different states of consciousness.

Research interests

Despite continued research to characterize the features of sleep and its underlying physiological processes, the functions of sleep have remained largely enigmatic. The focus of our research is to investigate one of the dominant hypotheses in the field: that one of the primary functions of sleep is for memory consolidation; the process of forming enduring memory traces.

We employ a unique combination of behavioural, cognitive, electrophysiological, functional / structural neuroimaging and combined EEG-fMRI techniques to explore the functions - and dysfunctions - of sleep.

Participate in research!

We are always seeking research participants to volunteer their time. To inquire about participating, please fill out the research participation enquiry form. For more information about current studies, please visit the Current Research page.

Sleep Analysis Software

Counting Sheep PSG

EEGLAB-compatible sleep scoring and event marking. 

Read the publication

Download on GitHub

Detect Spindles

Automated spindle detection plugin for EEGLAB.

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Download on GitHub

Period Amplitude Analysis

Automated slow wave detection plugin for EEGLAB. 

Download on GitHub

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